3 Tips to Make Your Cellphone Unique

November 12, 2018 By itunes

3 Tips to Make Your Cellphone Unique

Several days ago I watched a talk show in which the guest was asked to judge the character of several people according to the looks of their cellphones. Actually most of the judgments were right. Although cellphones were all the same when they were manufactured from the factory, there will be a thousand cellphones in a thousand people’s hands.

Here we will give some suggestions to make some little changes on your cellphone to make it prettier.

1. Set a cute picture on your screen.

Putting a lovely wallpaper on your screen may be the easiest way to display yourself. The wallpaper reveals a lot of information about you including the taste, emotion, character and so on. Perhaps that’s why some guys change their wallpapers so frequently. Some people also like to set photos of themselves or those who they care such as their families or lovers. That is quite sweet!

2. A cellphone strap makes your phone more attractive.

A strap is likely to be the most eye-catching gadgets of a mobile phone. Usually when you are holding a cell phone, people will look at your strap before seeing your phone. It is undoubted that girls like cellphone straps because they are cute and not expensive. However, not all cellphone straps are designed for girls. Several days ago, with the start of the heated World Cup, some boys used the soccer team straps to show their support for their beloved teams.

3. A cellphone case gives not only protection but also fascination

Recently Apple said that cellphone cases will be able to resolve the signal problems of iPhone 4. Maybe you are not in use of an iPhone, but a cellphone case is absolutely useful for your cellphone- accidental drops, jangling of keys or coins could often be the threats to your shiny mobile phone. What’s more, a stylish cellphone case will also show its owner’s sense of fashion. If you would like to protect your cell phone with a case, there will be quite a few options such as crystal cases, leather cases and silicone cases. You may choose almost as many color as you could imagine.


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