Putting Music Into iTunes

May 24, 2018 By itunes

Putting Music Into iTunes

Many people are still relatively new at working with music in a digital format. When they buy a new iPod, they need to learn first how to transfer music into iTunes. This article explains how to take your existing music and put it into iTunes.

For those of you who have just purchased a new iPod, regarded as one of the best MP3 players, you may be wondering, “Ok, now that I have this great new device, how do I use it?”.

Apple has designed their iPods to work exclusively with a program called iTunes. After telling people that they need iTunes to work with their iPod, many people shake their head (thinking they will have to pay more money) and ask, “How can I get free iTunes for my iPod?” It is then met with much relief when I tell them that they do not need to worry because iTunes is free.

Why is iTunes free? Well, iTunes is free to download and install because Apple hopes that you will eventually be buying all of your songs, albums, and movies from the iTunes store. This way, they give you the program for free and make money on the backend. Thus, to begin putting your music into iTunes, you will need to download and install iTunes from Apple’s website.

Once you have iTunes installed, you are ready to being placing your music files into iTunes.

Normally, first time iTunes users fall into one of two categories. First, there are those people who have all of their music on CDs. The second group are people who have a lot of music already stored on their computer but need to transfer this music into iTunes.

For the first group, iTunes makes the process very easy. You simply need to start the iTunes program that you have just installed and then place your CD into your computer. iTunes will recognize this CD and then ask you if you would like to copy that music into iTunes. If you answer yes, the program begins copying the music from your CD onto your computer. Additionally, iTunes has the ability to automatically label your CDs and download the proper information, including the album art, which is very cool.

If you have a lot of CDs to import, this can be a very time consuming process. If you do not want to do it yourself, there is probably a company in your area who will do this for you and charge a nominal fee.

The second group of you already has the music on your computer. It is probably stored in MP3 format or some sort of Windows Media format. Fortunately, iTunes now has the ability to import just about any music format. To import music into iTunes, simply click the File menu and then choose “Add Folder to Library”. This will prompt you for the location of the folder in which your music currently resides. If you are unsure about this, you can use the search function on your computer to search for all of your music files.

In summary, when you purchase a new iPod, you will need to install and place all of your music into iTunes. This is either done by inserting your CDs into your computer and allowing iTunes to convert them or manually telling iTunes where your music files are on your computer to import them into iTunes. Note that this will not create a duplicate copy of your music. Rather, it simply tells the iTunes library where your music resides so that it can properly locate it.


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